How To Defend Spectacular Catch Receivers Like Larry Fitzgerald

One of the deadliest weapons in your offensive arsenal is having that elite wide receiver who can go up and grab the football at its highest point with acrobatic catches that leave audiences in awe and defenses  shaking their heads. When your football team has this type of elite WR everything on offense seems to be so much better, hold your head high, smile, and know you have greatness on your side. Remember though, not everything is peachy for everyone, for every fan who has an amazing WR like Larry Fitzgerald there is a fan of the Defense that has to face him. Today we are going to look from that fans point of view and look at 3 ways to stop spectacular catching WRs like Larry Fitzgerald.

Man coverage W/ Safety Help– Probably the easiest and simplest way to stop spec catching wrs is to run man coverage underneath with a safety over the top, this allows the defensive back to play anything thrown short like a curl or hitch with the ability to pick off under thrown deep balls. Also your CB never has  to worry about getting beat deep because his Free Safety is there to take anything away over the top.

Pro Tip – Use the swat button R1 on (PlayStation) and RB on (Xbox One) to avoid going for and missing a pick, the swat button still allows you to intercept the football and also gives you a greater chance of knocking the ball out of that greedy receivers hands if he has the chance of snagging it

Man Up 2 Defenders on  Him – This is a tactic that i have seen NFL Defensive Coordinators use on the most Elite WRs, if you have a guy that’s aggressive catching all over you, use the man up Defensive Adjustment to commit another Defender specifically to that WR.

Pro Tip – To quickly hot route your Defensive back double tap triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox One) to bring up your defensive assignments window, this feature is new to Madden 16.

Man and Press – If Larry Fitz is still dominating you like you’re the Packers in the playoffs,  try this extreme but effective method. Man up an extra defender and press him. Pressing the WR is a good way to jam him at the line of scrimmage and let your pass rush do its job, although when it comes to Larry pressing is never a good idea unless you have backup that can run with him. When you need to  take it to the extreme leave one guy pressing him and another guy there to clean up if The Fitz gets a great release off your DB.

Tip Time – It’s never a good idea to press with corners who have a low press rating, leave that for the nastier more physical corners in Madden.

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