How to Play Lock Down Coverage with the Seahawks Secondary

How to Play Lock Down Coverage with the Seahawks Secondary
The Seahawks defense ranked 1st in the NFL in points per game allowed, anchored by their strong secondary that had the 2nd least yards allowed through the air of the 32 NFL squads. As expected they are still a force to be reckoned with in Madden 16. Let’s look at a few ways you can use their stout secondary to lock down your opponents.

4-3 Under Cover 3

The 4-3 Under Front is a staple of the Seahawk’s defense. While we aren’t focusing on the front 7 in this blog, we can still turn to the enforcer of the Seattle defense – Kam Chancellor. In this defense, Kam’s role is to “buzz” curl to flat on the strong side of the formation. This allows us to use Kam as a strong side run defender, but also in a capacity to take away routes on the outside of the offensive formation if they are passing. 
Pro-Tip: If your opponent is beating you with corner routes, change your flat zones to purple zones to better help defend that popular tactic.

Dime 2 Man Under
Though the Seahawks are known for their Cover 3 Zone based defense, you can use their clear strength in their secondary to use a fan-favorite play in Madden 16. This is my personal favorite man coverage in the tournament Madden community as well. With the clear advantage you have in the secondary vs. the Carolina WR corps, you can sit back in man coverage and let these athletes stick like glue to Ginn, Olsen, Funchess, Cotchery, and Brown.

Pro-Tip: Spy one your right defensive end (left of screen) and rush 3 at Cam Newton off the right edge so he has to roll and throw against his body. Send the spy when the pocket collapses and Cam has to run. He will need to make a tight throw due to the great man-under coverage. You have 2 elite safeties over the top to help with those pesky “aggressive-catches.”

4-3 Under Cover 2

With the 4-3 Under Cover 3, your opponent may eventually take 1-on-1 shots down the sideline that DeShawn Shead is responsible for. Knowing that the aggressive catch can be a weapon, you may want to bring a safety over the top for help. And who better than Earl Thomas? One of the rangiest safeties in the league, who’s know for his sideline to sideline ability when playing centerfield in the Cover 3, you are asking him to do even less than that! With that help over the top, you’ll have better odds of stopping the sideline lobs, and be very stout in the flat in run support as a result. Don’t be afraid to mix in the Cover 2.

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