How to Score In the Redzone with Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is the heart and soul of the New England Patriots passing attack. Wherever Gronk lines up on the field, he is a threat to the opposing defenses. Defenses are so concerned about Gronk that he often draws the defense’s  best playmaker and/or a double team. Here are four ways that you can take advantage of Rob Gronkowski in the Redzone and start doing more Gronk Spikes!

Fade Routes – The Fade Route is the perfect time to use Gronk’s physical ability to your advantage. Gronkowski is 6’6, has an (88) Strength Rating, and a (94) Spectacular Catch Rating. These will allow him to go up and make a play. At the playcall screen, use the Right Stick and utilize the TE Wideout Package that automatically places Gronkowski to the outside.

Pro Tip: Use the High Point Pass (LB (Xbox) or L1 (PS) and the receiver’s icon) when throwing the Fade Route.

Slant Routes –  Gronkowski is one of the best at getting position on opposing defenders.  Utilize Gronkowski’s  (95) Release rating  that allows him to get off the line of scrimmage very quickly, pair that with a (98) Catch In Traffic rating that allows him to make the catch with defenders applying a big hit, and you have one of the most unstoppable Redzone threats.

Pro Tip: Utilize the new Possession catch feature (A (Xbox) or X (PS) when throwing the Slant Route.

Corner Routes – We have already discussed a majority of Gronkowski’s physical attributes, but he is also one of the smartest TEs in the game. Gronkowski has combination of route running and awareness, he will be able to burn defenders and make some big time catches in the back of the endzone.

Pro Tip: Combine these type of Routes with the new aggressive catch which will let Gronkowski go up and get the ball.

Seam Routes – Attacking the middle of the field when you have Gronkowski is always a smart decision.  Gronkowski has the uncanny ability to make catches between the Linebacker and Safety. He has a (95) Catch rating and a (98) Catch In Traffic rating, so he can go to the middle of field and still hang onto the ball when taking a hit.

Pro Tip: Use the Pass Lead Inside feature when throwing down the seam

Moving Gronkowski all over the field will give you the ability to beat multiple coverages and cause opposing defenses nightmares. Gronkowski is the most complete tight end in Madden NFL 16, so make sure to use his entire skillset.

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