Three Ways to Contain Cam Newton

Cam Newton is Widely regarded as the #1 Candidate for MVP of the entire NFL, Not only Because of his Savvy way of playing the game but also because he’s the Epitome of a Dual Threat QB, He has the Size of a Defensive End, the Speed Of a Running Back, and The Throwing Ability of the best pocket passers in the NFL, with almost 4000 yards passing and 35 TDs to just 10 interceptions and a 99.4 QB Rating you must ALWAYS Game plan specifically for Cam Newton. Here are the three main Factors To slowing Down Cam Newton.

QB Contains – Instead of sending your Defensive ends attacking like Hounds on their prey, we want to contain the edges with your QB contain feature in Madden 16, this will set the edges and if Cam Tries to Rollout and attack you on the run your Prepared to Eliminate that part of his game plan.

QB Spy – I along with everyone else love to drop all  my available Defenders into all arrays of Zone and Man Coverages, yet again when facing a qb with the unique skill set of Cam we need to be less Greedy with the coverage due to the fact that he’s more likely to Scramble for big chunks of yards then to wait for his receivers to take a chance of getting open, normally in this circumstance I like to leave one of my linebackers in a spy to watch for Cam to make a run for it.

MLB – If you know you have to face against this type of QB there is no reason to pick a team or MUT Card that is slow and can’t even reach the QB with an angle pursuit advantage, I recommend getting a Team like the Panthers Face this weekend in the playoffs in the Seattle Seahawks, not Only do you have Extreme speed at rolb with Bruce Irvin but Bobby Wagner is one of the Fastest MLBs in the NFL, leaving this man spying the QB is a Sure Way To have success stopping that QB from taking a Stroll.

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